BioPure fluid path components

  • BioClampBioClamp

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Moulded from reinforced Nylon 66 USP Class VI
    • Reduced distortion on polymeric fittings
  • BioBarb BioBarb

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Unimpeded flow path
    • Smooth transition from
      tube to adaptor
  • BioValveBioValve

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Minimised flow path turbulence
    • Suitable for sterilisation
  • Bio YBio Y

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Splits flow with minimum turbulence
    • Suitable for sterilisation
  • BioEndCapBioEndCap

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Pull-tab ensures easy cap removal
    • Suitable for sterilisation
  • FlatBioEndCap FlatBioEndCap

    • Lot numbers moulded in
    • Produced from DMF listed polypropylene 
    • Suitable for sterilisation


  • puresu single-use tube assembliespuresu single-use tube assemblies

    • Providing felexible, customised tube assembly solutions to suit your bioprocessing needs
    • Providing full traceability and double-bagging
    • Quick lead times and no MOQ
  • Bio Tube ApplicatorBio Tube Applicator

    • Automate and validate your assembly process
    • Flexible bespoke solutions to fit a wide range of applications
    • Increase product quality and reduce the risk of juntion failure
  • BioPure - About usBioPure - About us

    BioPure Technology was incorporated in November 1998 and has successfully supplied fluid path connectors to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since conception. BioPure was proud to be the first supplier of platinum cured silicone tubing within the UK and has built its reputation by designing and manufacturing its own range of single-use components.
  • BioPure capabilities videoBioPure capabilities video

    • Full through bore diameter designed to reduce deadspots
    • Lot numbers moulded in for full traceability
    • Manufactured in an ISO Class 7 Clean Room
  • Interactive facility tourInteractive facility tour

    • 19,000 square foot facility
    • Cleanrooms designed to ISO Class 7 
    • Cutting edge injection moulding machines



US food and drug administration


BioBarb™, BioEndCap™, FlatBioEndCap™, Bio Y are produced from polypropylene that fulfils the requirements on materials used for articles or components of articles intended for medical use as described in European Pharmacopoeia, 8th Edition (2014), and supplement 8.1 (04/2014) Monograph 3.2.2 Plastic containers and closures for pharmaceutical use and has passed the United States Pharmacopoeia testing including Class IV tests and has been assigned the FDA Drug Master File No.: DMF9040




Flow Path Component Manufacturing. BioPure Technology manufactures and distributes bio-processing flow path components including:

BioPure Technology aims to simplify your production operations, lower your costs of GMP Pharma manufacturing, and reduce your process validations.

We offer many products that can be delivered straight to your business worldwide.
We also offer a wide selection of products which can be distributed solely within the UK.
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