FPC60: Uniquely configurable fill/finish system

Flexicon FPC60

Flexicon FPC60

Uniquely configurable fill/finish system

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FPC60 brochure

FPC60 brochure

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About the FPC60

FPC60 fill/finish system

Built around our highly accurate peristaltic filler, the FPC60 is a uniquely configurable small batch aseptic fill/finish system with a wide variety of modules designed to work together providing the ultimate filling solution. 

The FPC60 system can be designed and built with a choice of optional solutions allowing adaptation of each stage of the fill/finish process including vial infeed, filling, stoppering, capping, auto-reject and product outfeed. Working closely with the customer, the FPC60 is designed with every operation tailored to the individual customer’s requirements.


Advanced technologies

Flexicon FPC60 infeed

Capable of handling vial sizes between 2R and 100H, the FPC60’s unique servo driven auto adjustment allows for less tools and setup between batches. When supplied with in-line check weighing, the FPC60 offers unique dynamic prime, no intervention initial calibration and dynamic recalibration, meaning every vial, from first to last, is confirmed to be within specification. With throughput of up to 30 vials per minute, and options for automatic segregation of rejects; speed is optimised while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

The FPC60 is built to fit a small footprint with machine guarding as standard, and the integration of Laminar Airflow, Restricted Access Barrier Systems or Isolators available. Flexicon have an excellent record in working to short and reliable delivery times and providing seamless FAT and IQ/OQ tests all working towards avoiding costly project delays.

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* requires in-line check weighing

Advanced data management

Flexicon FPC60 user interface and capping

Highly advanced data management

The FPC60’s user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Using a secure internet based tool, the FPC60 allows remote operation (director supervisory) from outside a cleanroom or distant location. With each batch recorded in full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 this is ideal for contract filling and development applications.

The all-new interface uses intuitive design with quick reference icons to identify key operations; guiding users to what they need. The highly advanced data management system is SQL Server based and is fully accessible from any web device.

Module specifications

FPC60 is highly modular. When ordering a machine, options for each module can be selected to meet your specific demands and requirements.

Module name Module description


Infeed icon

  • Loading of vials into the machine from a removable tray on the front or left side of the machine. Infeed can be designed for customer specific tray sizes or infeed needs.
  • Loading of vials into the machine from nested trays from the front or left side.
  • A round table aligns the vials and moves them to the first position of the walking beam.
  • Walking beam with automatic adjustment of guide rails, transports vials from the infeed to the different work stations. Thus, no format parts are required for the entire vial range between 2R and 100H.


Filling icon

  • Liquid filling by the use of a horizontally mounted stainless steel (AISI 316L) or aluminum peristaltic pump.
  • Bottom up filling where filling nozzle raises along with fluid surface.
  • Sensor detecting that there is a vial standing upright under filling nozzle.
  • Balance for in-line check weighing with dynamic prime, hands-free initial calibration and in-batch dynamic calibration saves time and ensure no loss of costly product
  • IQ/OQ protocols and test—Fluid path assemblies or components suitable for accurate filling of a wide range of fill volumes
Gas purging
  • Gas filling before and after liquid filling


Stopper icon

  • Format parts for stoppers consist only of a vibrator bowl, chutes, jaws and pistons. The vibrator bowl for the stoppers can be applied for both 13mm and 20mm injection and lyophilization stoppers.
  • Chutes in guarding for easy refilling of stoppers


Capping icon

  • Format parts for crimp caps consist of a vibrator bowl, chutes and crimping heads. For the crimp caps the same vibrator bowl can normally be applied for both 13mm and 20mm caps.
  • Crimp head with pressure cell that verifies crimp force with data capture
  • Chutes in guarding for easy refilling of stoppers and caps


Reject icon

  • Reject station transfers out of tolerance vials from the vial track down to the reject tray


Outfeed icon

  • Collection of filled vials takes place on a removable tray. Removal of filled vials can be done without stopping production
  • Extended outfeed for removable trays or connection to a conveyor belt
Guarding/environment control
  • FPC60 comes with a guarding to protect both operator and product.
  • Guarding extended to an existing LAF unit in ceiling.
  • Open RABS with integrated LAF.
  • Machine cabinet modified for integration into closed RABS or isolator from preferred partners.
  • Probe for particle counter near open vials.
  • Interlocks on guarding
  • Glove ports and light curtain in guarding
  • Guarding between capping, stoppering and filling stations with “mouse holes” for vial transfer

Technical specifications

FPC60 Technical drawingVials, stoppers and caps:

Filling volume:

Infeed/outfeed trays for vials:

Production capacity:

Filling acuracy:


Power consumption:



Minimum Server Requirements:

A preinstalled server can be supplied with FPC60 as an option.

Weight: 400kg - 600kg

  • Contact Us

    To order this product please contact us on:

    Tel: +1 978 658 6168 and Toll free +1 800 282-8823

    You can also send us an email or find your nearest distributor