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  • Specialty and Custom Chemicals America – 12th February 2019

    12 février 2019 - 14 février 2019

    Omni Fort Worth Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

    Specialty and Custom Chemicals America Exhibition brings together professionals showcasing the latest chemical manufacturing trends and the associated process technologies. Aflex hose leading equipment and supply chain will be supported by WMFTG experts who will demonstrate engineering expertise and product information.

  • SME Annual Conference and Expo – 24th February 2019

    24 février 2019 - 27 février 2019

    Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA

    The premier event for the mining and metallurgy industry, WMFTG fluid path experts will offer demonstrate the reliable, safety benefits of renowned Qdos chemical metering pumps with ReNu pumphead technology, alongside Bredel hose pump products for pumping harsh and abrasive material.

    Find us on booth #435

  • ISPE San Francisco – 1st March 2019

    1 mars 2019 - 1 mars 2019

    AT&T Park, San Francisco, California, USA

    Made up of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers as well as architect and engineers, our presence at ISPE will offer us an opportunity to contribute to the prominent conversations happening in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We’ll be showcasing expertly engineered products such as Q-Clamp from BioPure, Aflex PTFE lined hoses, Quantum from Watson-Marlow Pumps, Flexicon’s PF7 and LoadSure. 

  • Sino-Pack - 4th March 2019

    4 mars 2019 - 6 mars 2019

    Area A, China & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

    Meet WMFTG experts at Sino-Pack 2019 and learn more about our solutions for the packaging industry. Our scalable product ranges from MasoSine, Bredel, Watson-Marlow Pumps and Tubing will bring together our versatile capabilities with our world leading engineering and expert knowledge.

  • ISPE 24th Annual Rocky Mountain Chapter Vendor Show – 7th March 2019

    7 mars 2019 - 7 mars 2019

    Westminster Westin Hotel | Westminster, Colorado, USA

    With a wide range of complete fluid path products on show, our Biotechnology and Pharamaceutical experts will be available to offer insight and demonstrations. Product ranges on show will include Quantum, Watson-Marlow cased drives, ASEPCO, BioPure Q-Clamp, AFLEX PTFE hoses, PF7 and Watson-Marlow LoadSure.

  • BPI West - 11th March 2019

    11 mars 2019 - 14 mars 2019

    Santa Clara Convention Centre, Santa Clara CA, USA

    At this leading phased-based bioprocessing event for advancing biologic, WMFTG professionals will showcase our complete fluid path product ranges and join the conversation of forming close supplier partnerships in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

  • CFIA - 12th March 2019

    12 mars 2019 - 14 mars 2019

    Parc Expo, Rennes, France

    Visit CFIA and learn more about our solutions for the packaging industry. Our scalable product ranges from MasoSine, Watson-Marlow Pumps and Tubing, Aflex Hose and Bredel will bring together our versatile capabilities with our world leading engineering, and expert knowledge.

  • ISPE-CaSA 26th Annual Life Sciences & Technology Conference – 12th March 2019

    12 mars 2019

    Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

    Demonstrating our excellence in biotechnology and pharamaceutical applications, our expert engineering presence will help offer insight into our product ranges from Flexicon, Watson-Marlow Pumps and Tubing, BioPure and ASPECO. Showpiece products include Quantum which has been specifically designed for tangential flow filtration (TFF), virus filtration (VF), and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

  • EuroLAB - 13th March 2019

    13 mars 2019 - 15 mars 2019

    MT Targi | Polska S.A. ul. Jordanowska 12 04-204 Warsaw, Poland

    EuroLab is an International Trade Fair of Analytical, Measurement and Control Computers. Aligning our single and multi-use cleanroom products from BioPure, FlowSmart, ASEPCO and Watson-Marlow Pumps and Tubing, WMFTG professionals will offer expert opinion and account of our world leading capabilities.

  • Pittcon 2019 – 19th March 2019

    19 mars 2019 - 21 mars 2019

    Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    Offering the opportunity to get a hands-on look at the latest laboratory instrumentation, WMFTG at Pittcon will showcase our range of compact design OEM products including our panel mount pump range, whilst demonstrating our engineering capabilities in life science environments.

    Find us on booth #1210

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